About Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders

Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders began as Texoma Neurology Associates P.A. in 1978 in Denison, Texas when Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr. moved his family here to start his neurology practice. Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr.’s neurology practice was the first one established in the Texoma area. Neuroscience was still in its infancy during this time, and Dr. Easwar Sundaram Sr. established the foundation for the largest private practice neurology group in the North Texas area.

Dr. Sundaram Sr. completed his medical school and internal medicine training in India. He later completed his neurology training in the UK and then returned to India where he became one of the first neurologists in that country. He authored several articles and was the former Professor and Chairman of Neurology at the Stanley Medical College in Madras, India.

Following these achievements, he moved to Chicago and Salt Lake City, and then finally settled down in North Texas. Dr. Sundaram Sr. began his practice with one employee; however, he quickly expanded the practice with perseverance, dedication, and a patient-centered philosophy. He offered comprehensive and state of the art neurological care and for the first time patients could receive expert neurological care in Texoma instead of commuting to Dallas.

After Dr. Sundaram Sr. passed away in 2001, Dr. Sundaram Jr. continued the legacy of Texoma Neurology Associates P.A. The practice continued to grow beyond the Texoma area and eventually became Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders (TIND). TIND has flourished with the addition of valued team members and the most highly skilled physicians in the neuroscience field. We have close to 22 neurology providers and continue to grow. Currently, we are the largest private practice neurology group in the North Texas area. Texas Institute for Neurological Disorders’ practice encompasses both in-hospital and office based neurologists. The practice now treats patients with neurological diseases out of 9 offices in the North Texas and Southern Oklahoma area and at 15 hospitals spread throughout the region.